Construction industry transportation is vital

Construction industry transportation brings materials and machinery to construction sites and warehouses all over North America, helping businesses, individuals, and cities keep up with the demands of a growing population and economy.

In order for a business to be competitive in the construction industry, logistics and supply chain management must be at the core of any business model. This ensures that materials and equipment is delivered to a construction site on time, when it’s needed, all while minimizing costs.

Cross-border transport means understanding barriers and tariffs

In order to do business throughout North America, companies based in Canada and the United States must factor in barriers to trade such as tariffs whenever they are having shipped or delivered across the border.

We have been providing logistical support, and in-house shipping for both Canadian and American clients since 1999 and understand how a business must go about navigating agreements like NAFTA, as well as special compliance considerations when transporting across international lines.

The benefit of a logistics centre

As mentioned above construction industry transportation is made much easier when a company takes advantage of all the logistics capabilities we have to offer. We are able to provide storage, transportation, distribution, direct shipment, consolidation, break-down, sorting, and package tracking. The main challenge when shipping and transporting anything is accounting for the uncertainty in supply chain.

Not being able to perfectly predict what you are going to be ordering and sending ends up costing money, which is why it pays to have a company like KaideX streamline it all for you. Servicing the construction industry means being able to provide both logistics support, as well as in-house transportation capabilities for maximum flexibility.

The construction industry sits at the nexus of a large number of up and downstream industries, meaning that maximum responsiveness is a must. A construction company can’t afford to waste time when scheduling pickup and delivery of materials and parts as every hour wasted can end up converting to huge costs.

If you are in the construction industry and are looking for new ways to streamline your business, particularly delivery and shipping, contact KaideX today and find out more about how our construction industry transportation services can help keep you agile in a volatile industry.

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