International and domestic consumer products transportation

Consumer product transportation is an integral part of cross-border trade.

Both Canadian and American companies understand that in order for operations to be streamlined, and for business to be possible, transportation and logistics companies like KaideX need to be at the cutting edge. That is exactly where we have been since we started the business back in 1999. We specialize in the transportation and warehousing of a range of consumer products including:

    • Consumer electronics
    • Hardware and Houseware
  • Recreational goods
  • Independent retailer supplies
  • Mass retailer supplies

We have years of experience transporting and storing all of the above consumer products, and understand the ins and outs of each product category.

Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics are typically purchases that spike at certain times of the year, with seasonal requirements such as back-to-school and the winter holidays dictating much of the demand.

Our far-reaching and extensive logistics network, combined with our in-house fleet can take your consumer electronics to markets across North America in just a matter of days, providing you with access to the biggest markets at the most commercially important times of the year.

Hardware and houseware

Hardware and houseware products have become major components of the overall consumer products market.

Everything from linens, to bedding, to ready-to-assemble furniture is shipped all over Canada and the United States, and we have the experience and know-how to get your products delivered. Whether you are a manufacturer, or a wholesaler, we can help you ship anywhere in Canada, the continental United States, or internationally with competitive rates and unparalleled delivery schedules.

Recreational goods

Consumer and retail demand changes depending on the season, and the region, so bike racks are not going to be in vogue everywhere all year round, nor is hockey gear for that matter.

Our experience in the sporting goods consumer goods market, combined with our extensive logistics network, can help you ensure you are maximizing your market exposure and minimizing your costs year round.

For better or worse, we live in a consumer society, where large numbers of people, and a large pool of disposable income provides opportunities for enterprising sellers and entrepreneurs. In order to take advantage of those markets, you need a reliable, experienced transportation services provider. Contact KaideX today and find out more about how our consumer products transportation services can help connect you to the biggest consumer markets on the continent.

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