Regional and international food and beverage transportation

Food and beverage transportation is one of the most important components of commercial freight throughout the GTA, cross border or the world.

A wide range of multinational food and beverage companies have their Canadian headquarters in the GTA, and, as such, our location in Burlington, Ontario has us strategically placed to handle both local, and Canada-wide food and beverage shipping needs.

Our central location along the Canadian-U.S. border also gives us access to the continent’s most important transportation arteries and commercial hubs. If you ship from Canada into the United States, or vice versa, our logistics capabilities combined with our in house fleet allows us to set up and make pickups from and deliveries to anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

Specialized shipping needs

Food and beverage transportation requires certain necessary equipment in order to meet regulatory requirements, and ensure that goods end up at their final destination ready for sale or to use.

We have extensive experience using controlled shipping containers and equipment, including trailers specifically designed to hold and keep fresh and frozen products over both long and short distances.

Our food and beverage transportation equipment includes:

    • Ambient services
  • Straight trucks
  • Power tailgates
  • Dollies and pallet jacks

Since we started back in 1999, the food and beverage industry has been a vital component of our business model. We have been providing our services to specialty food shops, restaurants, retail operations, malls, condos and distribution centers. All of our drivers, and the partners we work with, understand the nuances and sensitivities inherent to food and beverage transportation and will ensure your goods are properly cared for while in warehouse, en route, and make it to the final destination on time and in good condition.

Food and beverage transportation services are a core part of our business, and something we at KaideX have an intimate understanding of and familiarity with. We understand the machinery and technology required to ensure that products are delivered in good condition, the time constraints when transporting perishable items long distances, and laws and regulations when carrying food and agricultural products across borders. Contact KaideX Transportation Services today and find out more about our food and beverage transportation services.

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