Protecting ourselves, our clients, society, and the environment

Our dedication to safety and compliance is not just an obligation; it is ingrained in our core values.

Our internal operating procedures follow both the letter and the spirit of the relevant compliance and safety regulations, making sure that we are operating responsibly wherever we are, and with whatever we are doing. We set out to be a company that operates with integrity, and we are committed to remaining true to our founding principles and values.

Training our employees the right way

Core values and organizational culture is not just something that materializes because it is written on a piece of paper somewhere; it is the result of careful employee selection, followed up with training and education which ensures that all of our operators understand what meeting their commitments entails.

Every single employee must go through the rigorous training on our Kaidex Cares platform, providing comprehensive, up-to-date training in compliance with and beyond OHSA with specifically designed modules distinct to our industry.

Driver Qualified Files (DQFs) are always up-to-date

All of our drivers must regularly demonstrate that they deserve to be on the road.

Their Driver Qualified Files (or DQFs) are always up-to-date with the latest information and evaluations so that our clients, and society at large, can rest assured we only allow competent, experienced drivers on the road. This is mandatory and necessary compliance that meets Ministry of Transportation standards. Our driver trainer program includes drive along and audits to ensure
drivers are practicing safe driving habits. Our satellite tracking system doesn’t only track where your freight is, in real time, but it pulls telematics reports on driving habits, which are addressed regularly with our fleet professionals.

Proper maintenance

Part of operating heavy machinery, including commercial transportation vehicles, is designing and keeping to meticulous maintenance schedules.

Every single component of every single vehicle we operate is regularly checked, evaluated, and if need be, repaired, or replaced, to ensure we are always operating responsibly and ethically. Our drivers’ safety, the safety of others on the road, and a commitment to our customers’ business and reputations are what underpin our insistence on proper maintenance.


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Like attracts like

In order for KaideX to do business with one of its many partners, they must meet the firm’s stringent qualifications and values we have built our brand around.

This includes all WSIB compliance requirements, appropriate and necessary insurance measures that protect us, them, and our clients, and, importantly, reputations for honesty, integrity, and industry excellence.

Our safety and compliance standards are built into what we do: provide multifaceted transportation and logistics services across Canada and the United States to a diverse group of clients, all while benefiting the communities and economies where we operate.

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