The bottom line and giving back

Business, no matter the industry, should be about both operations and human beings; the bottom line and the society it impacts.

We have enjoyed tremendous success over the years. Our business impacts the lives of employees, clients, and the communities where we operate. It extends across borders, languages, and cultures. We feel indebted to the great country that has made it possible for us to be as successful as we have been, which is why we are adamant about giving back where we can.

An ethos of integrity

Integrity is built into the fabric of the company, and it factors heavily into all of our decision making.

Having both community spirit, and a strong social conscience is part of who we are, which is why we don’t just measure our success in dollars and cents, but instead look at how we are impacting the people and institutions around us. Every year we select a local organization in the community to donate based on their needs, and the services they are attempting to deliver. We love seeing our contributions to local organizations like Giving Hope Today, Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation, Mission Services, and others to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable, sick, and less-fortunate Canadians.


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Encouraging our clients and partners

Part of staying true to our social conscience also means doing what we can to encourage our clients and partners to adopt similar positions towards corporate social responsibility, and providing them with opportunities to invest in local communities and charities.

The below links will take you straight to web pages of the numerous not-for-profits and charitable organizations we support. Contributing what you can and making scheduled donations to these groups can go a long way to improving the lives of people in this country, and make for a better, more humane business environment, strengthening our social fabric immeasurably.

We at KaideX know that in order to truly be productive members of our country and society, the profit motive must be balanced by a desire to help our community. Being financially successful does not have to come at the expense of social responsibility, and making a difference in the lives of people in the communities where we operate is something we insist on. We will continue to incorporate transportation and logistics services with a heart into what we do.

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