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Bill of Lading – attached is a copy of KaideX’s bill of lading, feel free to print and use for your shipping needs with KaideX.  Please remember accurate weights and measures are required.

Client Profile – To ensure we have all required information on new clients, please fill out this form and submit to your Kaidex Representative.

Credit Application – Along with the client profile, we ask each new client to fill out and submit the following page.

Service Fees and Conditions – Please reference with shipments requiring extra services.

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WSIB  Every business that operates in Canada is required to be compliance with WSIB or it’s equivalent based on the provincial requirements.  KaideX is compliant and qualifies every service provider to ensure they are compliant.  Click here to find out how to obtain a clearance certificate for KaideX by following this link.

CVOR and Insurances – KaideX pride’s ourselves in maintaining all required running authorities, feel free to view.

The Weather Network – Weather plays an important role in the transportation of goods.  KaideX’s first concern is safety and measures required will be taken to ensure our driver’s safety in severe weather; which can effect pick up and delivery times and dates, due to  extreme weather conditions.  KaideX is committed to delivery customer’s goods as soon as possible within maintaining safety.

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Border Wait times – traveling to the states, check first to see wait time at each border

Stat Holidays – Throughout Canada, different Provinces observe different Statutory Holidays, which can effect the movement of goods for Transportation.

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