Warehouse services and client convenience

Warehouse services are meant to save you time, increase your flexibility and responsiveness to a fluctuating market, and take the burden of skid / pallet storage and warehousing off your hands.

Customized warehousing solutions, bolstered by our in-house transportation, and international logistics coordination capabilities.

We offer our clients pick-and-pack warehousing, order fulfillment, long and short-term storage solutions, as well as cross docking services. Our warehouses are equipped to handle a variety of products, are well-secured, and fully staffed.

A Broad range of services:

When you choose Kaidex for your warehousing needs, you get access to a broad range of services, these include, but are not limited to:

Order fulfillment

Our order fulfillment warehouse services are the epitome of responsiveness. We pick the products, pack them, and are capable to fulfilling both individual and larger orders.


Our order fulfillment services are able to collect and assemble multiple items into single shipments, as well as tag your goods before they are shipped on to their final destination.

Deconsolidation & cross docking

Our clients love our deconsolidation and cross docking services because we remove the headache of having to breakdown and reship. We are able to breakdown larger shipments into much smaller ones, as well as process those new, smaller shipments and send them on to their final destination. This way, your goods don’t actually have to enter our inventory system.

Responsive storage solutions

Different businesses come with different storage needs. Whether you require bulk storage, stackable cargo storage, or racking systems for smaller items, our warehouse solutions and services can be adapted to fit any of your business’ needs.

Providing access to one of North America’s largest markets

Whether you are based in the GTA, elsewhere in the province of Ontario, in Canada, or south of the border, warehousing with us provides you with quick access to one of North America’s largest markets.

It also means quick access to a proven and highly reliable transportation network.

Our fleet of in-house trucks, combined with our extensive logistics support, means we can get warehoused items to their final destination quickly, and at a competitive rate.

If you have traditionally sought out third party warehousing, or are interested in changing your business model to keep merchandise and good closer to your core market, then contact KaideX Transportation services. Let’s discuss how our warehouse services in the GTA can help make your business that much more responsive to your market’s demands, and help streamline your delivery process.

Enhance your logistics with KaideX's solutions

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